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ISSN: 1653-3100 Serie: Örebro Studies in Life Science

ISBN Titel (10) Pris Tryckår  
91-7668-718-5 5-Aminolevulinic acid and derivatives thereof Properties, lipid permeability and enzymatic reactions 180 SEK (2010)
91-7529-146-8 Bioremediation of Toxic Metals for Protecting Human Health and the Ecosystem 180 SEK (2016)
917668-760-4 Characterization and environmental influences on inflammatory and physiological responses 180 SEK (2010)
91-7668-458-X Characterization of stress-inducible short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDR) in plants. Study of a novel small protein family from Pisum sativum (pea) 180 SEK (2005)
91-7668-694-2 Computational Studies of Photodynamic Drugs, Phototoxic Reactions and Drug Design. 180 SEK (2009)
917529-101-7 Habitat composition and restocking for conservation of the white-backed woodpecker in Sweden 180 SEK (2015)
91-7529-067-6 Interaction of brominated flame retardants with the chicken and zebrafish androgen receptors 180 SEK (2015)
91-7529-082-9 Modulation of Androgen Receptor Function by Brominated Flame Retardants 180 SEK (2015)
91-7668-872-4 Modulation of cellular innate immune responses by lactobacilli 180 SEK (2012)
91-7668-817-5 Plant-produced STI vaccine antigens with special emphasis on HIV-I p24 180 SEK (2011)

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