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ISSN: 1652-2974 Serie: Örebro studies in Culinary Arts and Meal science

ISBN Titel (8) Pris Tryckår  
91-7668-790-1 Drivers of customers, service experiences A customer perspective on co-creation of restaurant services, focusing on interactions, processes and activities 180 SEK (2011)
91-7668-402-4 Family Meal Experiences. Perspectives on practical knowledge, learning and culture. 180 SEK (2004)
91-7668-804-5 If I can taste it, I want it... Sensory Marketing in Grocery Retail Stores 180 SEK (2011)
91-7668-560-0 Ready meals from the consumers´perspective - attitudes, beliefs, contexts and appropriateness 180 SEK (2007)
91-7668-451-2 Restaurant Meal Experiences from Customers´ Perspectives. A Grounded Theory Approach 180 SEK (2005)
91-7668-379-6 Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Preference of Wine and Food Combinations. Influences of Tasting Techniques 180 SEK (2004)
91-7668-627-0 Sensory, attitudinal, and contextual aspects of the meal 180 SEK (2008)
91-7668-492-x The construction of food and meal culture for political and commercial ends:EU-summits, rural bussinesses and World Exhibitions 180 SEK (2006)

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